Diplomatic and Service Visa


For security reason, all envelopes for sending and returning passports and other documents from and to applicants MUST have a Tracking Number and a Signature Request on Delivery. The Consular Services WILL NOT send your document back with an envelope that does not have a Tracking Number and a Signature on Delivery.


Diplomatic and Service Visa

Diplomatic Visa and Service Visa will be given to foreign nationals bearing a Diplomatic Passport or a Service Passport for the conduct of diplomatic or government assignments in Indonesia.

Diplomatic Visa is given to foreign nationals bearing a diplomatic or Laissez Passer (UN) passport, for the purpose of conducting diplomatic assignments, or attending meetings.

Service Visa is given to foreign nationals bearing an official/service passport, on assignment for non-diplomatic purposes.

Please Note the visitor for leisure purpose will be granted a regular 60-Days Single Entry Visa.

The diplomatic and service visas for Canadian citizens are free of charge. To start your application, send a clear scanned documents as below to consular@indonesiavancouver.org:

  1. A diplomatic note from official agencies/missions/international organizations. The note must include the following information:
    – Name and date of birth,
    – Passport number,
    – Position and title,
    – Place of assignment or visit,
    – Purpose of travel,
    – Brief description of duties,
    – Travel date,
    – Anticipated length of stay, and
    – The names, relationships, dates of birth, and travel dates of any dependents and other members of household who will be accompanying or joining the principal.
  2. Passport(s), valid for at least 6 months from the date of entry to Indonesia, and has at least two blank pages (amendment and endorsement pages cannot be used)
  3. icon_pdf VISA APPLICATION FORM completed with 1 (one) recent passport photograph attached