Journalist Visa


For security reason, all envelopes for sending and returning passports and other documents from and to applicants MUST have a Tracking Number and a Signature Request on Delivery. The Consular Services WILL NOT send your document back with an envelope that does not have a Tracking Number and a Signature on Delivery.


Journalist Visa

A Journalist Visa is issued to foreign journalists/reporters who intend to enter Indonesia for media coverage or documentary film purposes. This visa can be obtained through these following procedures at the Indonesian Embassy or Consulate office at the country where the applicant resides:

Application Requirements:

  1. Original passport valid for more than 6 (six) months beyond the intended length of stay for Single Entry, and 18 (eighteen) months for Multiple Entry. Passports should have at least two blank pages left (amendment and endorsement pages cannot be used)
  2. icon_pdf VISA APPLICATION FORM completed with 1 (one) recent passport photograph attached
  3. Reference Letter (on company letterhead) from the company in Canada (mention the objective, place and date of visit)
  4. List of equipment (if any) brought by the applicant to Indonesia (mention the name & quantity of item and state that the applicant will re-export all the equipment when leaving Indonesia)
  5. Synopsis or background information of the story/documentation to be made in Indonesia
  6. A copy of round trip Flight Itinerary/Electronic Airline tickets to and from Indonesia
  7. The Consulate will submit the request to the government in Jakarta, Indonesia for authorization. When it is approved, you may submit your Journalist Visa Application to the Consular Services.
  8. The applicant should report and collect Temporary Press Card and other necessary documents upon arrival in Indonesia to the:

Directorate of Press and Information Services
Department of Foreign Affairs
Jl. Taman Pejambon 6, Central Jakarta
Jakarta, Indonesia
Phone: +62 (21) 381-3453 or 344-1508 ext. 4308