Permit for Video Shooting and Film Making


For security reason, all envelopes for sending and returning passports and other documents from and to applicants MUST have a Tracking Number and a Signature Request on Delivery. The Consular Services WILL NOT send your document back with an envelope that does not have a Tracking Number and a Signature on Delivery.


The permit for a film / video shooting in Indonesia is granted by the Department of Foreign Affairs c.q. Directorate of Media and Information service in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Application forms and statement can be requested and submitted through the Indonesian Embassy or Consulate located nearest your area.

The relevant foreign company must submit an application to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism c.q. the Directorate of Film, through any Indonesia Representative Office in its respective country. The application shall have the following attachments:

  1. Curriculum Vitae of the applicant and crew members;
  2. Purpose of production;
  3. Date of the company or corporation
  4. List of crew members and their positions;
  5. Letter of solvency from bank guarantors in Indonesia and in country of origin;
  6. List of equipment accompanied with statements for re-exporting upon completion of the film production in Indonesia;
  7. Shooting schedule and locations;
  8. Synopsis/scenario;
  9. Photocopy of passports

Each application is subject to administrative examination by the Evaluation team and the result of such examination shall determine whether or not approval to be granted. Such evaluation Team is a forum, known as the Clearance House, comprising of officers representing the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Laws and Human Rights, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and other related authorities. In this regard, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism c.q. the Directorate of Film is entitled to issuing the filming permit and providing assistance during the production. Address for correspondence is:

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Republic of Indonesia
c.q. The Directorate of Film
The Ministry of Culture and Tourism
Jl. MT. Haryono Kav. 47-48, 4th Floor
Jakarta Selatan – INDONESIA
Ph:(62-21) 799-3629, 799-1186
Fax: (62-21) 799-0230

Approval and refusal of such application shall be issued at the latest 7 (seven) working days upon completion of all requirements.

For the smooth process of filming in some certain areas, foreign companies producing film in Indonesia must be accompanied by an appointed supporting team.

“Certain areas or regions” in Indonesia that need special permission and approval and shall be determined by the Directorate of Film.

Such respective foreign company is obligated to submit a copy of the film produced c.q. the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

For non-commercial purpose crews of foreign companies while conducting activities within the jurisdiction of Indonesia, are obligated to respect the local norms and traditions, as well as to conform with the prevailing law and regulations

There are two regions in Indonesia that the applicant could not visit without special permission and approval. The twp regions are: Poso District (in Central Sulawesi Province) and Papua Province. The Applicant who wishes to enter the restricted regions must obtain special authorization from Indonesian authorities. This rule also applies to those who work in these regions, e.g. Freeport employees. Visitors who enter these regions without permission are subject to arrest and detention and will be prosecuted according to Indonesian law.